Is Hemorrhoids Curable

Is Hemorrhoid Curable?


If you are asking are hemorrhoids curable, chances are that you might have started getting desperate with your condition. However, there should be no cause of alarm as this condition is completely treatable but you will need to use the most preferable treatment for your condition. Hemorrhoids have so many causes as you might already know but there are also so many treatments as well and there is no way you should be living with hemorrhoids.

Relieving Hemorrhoid Pain

Initial treatment of hemorrhoids usually aims at relieving the intensive pain that is caused by hemorrhoids. Thankfully, pain relievers are quite many on the market and you can for instance buy pain killers from over the counter and there are still some other home remedies that can help in pain relieving the pain. For instance, simple things like soaking the hemroids in water several times in a day will help in driving away the pain. After every bowel movement, make sure that you clean your anus area in a gentle manner by use of moistened pads like baby wipes.

If there is swelling on the area, you can use some ice packs and this will eliminate the swelling. Pain killers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin will also go along very well in alleviating pain. Still, hemorrhoid cream for eyes is also something great to rely on as it has witch hazel. In addition, numbing ointments are useful especially those containing hydrocortisone. In extreme cases, the only way to treat hemroids is through surgery and when such a time comes, it is essential that you hire the services of a qualified surgeon. This will destroy or shrink hemorrhoid tissues and all these options explain that the question of “is hemorrhoids curable” should not arise as there are so many ways to do it than you can possibly imagine.

When You Might Need Surgical Treatment

Sometimes, typical treatments might not work in curing hemorrhoids and in such cases, one has no option than go for a surgical treatment. Even hemorrhoids that are extremely painful can still stop hurting without any medication after sometime but if the problem still persists, you need to consult your family doctor on the possibility of undergoing through a surgical procedure. Rubber band litigation is a procedure that is becoming increasingly common today especially when it comes to internal hemroids. When a rubber band gets tied at the hemorrhoid’s base, blood will stop flowing to the tissues and after time, they will wither away. The doctor can also decide to destroy internal hemorrhoids through chemical injections or burning. Another procedure is the hemorrhoidectomy which involves surgery and mostly opted for when treating hemorrhoids that are very large or prolapsed.

From the above highlight, it is pretty clear that treating hemorrhoids is something that isn’t impossible and reinforces the fact that hemorrhoids are not permanent. Even with the hemorrhoid becoming quite common in the modern society, the good thing is that there is a treatment after all and patients can still get their health back to normality.

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